UFO Sighting in New Herrington, England on 2019-04-14 15:00:00 – Observed a silver disc shaped object that reflected sunlight. it emerged from the low clouds and reflected sunlight

Whilst visiting “penshaw monument�, near the city of sunderland with my wife children and dogs, i witnesses a silver object descend from the low clouds above the hill on the north edge of the town end farm housing estate, 3.5 miles north east from my location.
at the time i was on the field on the north side of penshaw monument at sea level adjacent to coxgreen road, i noticed the object through my binoculars which i had with me.
i observed the object descend from the low clouds, fly in a straight line for a short time in a southwest direction, turn to a southeastern direction and ascend back to almost same position it first appeared at. as the object turned i saw what appeared to be it’s underneath.
the object was silver disc-like and was reflecting the sun that was behind me, it’s edges distorted due to the sunlight.
in the excitement of my observation i turned to my wife and children to tell them what i was seeing, as we all looked back, the object had gone. my wife immediately checked flight radar on her iphone, no aircraft was in the area and no sounds could be heard in case it may have been our local police helicopter.
at the time the weather was dry, low cloud and strong winds.