UFO Sighting in Farmington, New Mexico on 2019-04-30 04:00:00 – Multiple objects passing overhead

Woke up during the night to let my dog out side. it was then that i heard a strange noise, like an electrical transformer overloaded. i looked around the neighborhood for an overloaded transformer as there are several in the area. nothing seemed out of the ordinary except the noise kept getting louder. the dogs in the neighborhood all started barking and it was at that time i noticed the hum was coming from above. the night was mostly clear and i could see the stars well. as i was looking to the n/w from my front yard i noticed that something was blocking out the stars. at first i thought that small patch’s of clouds were overhead until i counted 15 pretty large objects that were moving in a group but speeding up and then stopping. 3 objects turned south and were then gone. they moved so fast that the trees in neighborhoods yard were swaying and the leaves were rustling. all the dogs in the neighborhood stopped barking and my dog was clawing at the door to go inside. the 12 other objects passed overhead and went in different directions very quickly and then stopped. i went inside and grabbed my cell phone to take pictures. the objects were moving south and being dark i couldn’t get a good picture. i drove south of town just at it was becoming light. i stopped on cr7010 and started taking pictures. a water truck stopped behind me as well as an oil & gas work crew. for the next hour these objects flew up, down, ever direction. it was almost like they were putting on an air show just for us. i tried to call my wife but my cellphone didn’t work. none of our cell phones worked. the water truck was a large mack wither a diesel engine which the driver antonio had left running suddenly shut down and wouldn’t restart. i tried to start my 2013 chrysler and it also wouldn’t start. the oil & gas crews 2018 chevrolet also wouldn’t start. they had been listening to their radio when they stopped but when they turned the key to star the truck a high pitched whine and what sounded like a person who was trying to talk underwater. none of us could understand what was being said. i tried my car radio and heard the same thing on every station as well as the water truck driver on his rig. we were frightened, and didn’t know what to do because what ever the objects were came closer to th group right around us. the dawn light was getting brighter and we could see things more clearly. the objects just flew around us about 200-300 ft in the air, moving in all directions but always returning to a formation. they were extremely fast and could stop on a dime and change directions. i can’t describe how the moved, i’ve never seen anything like this. during all this time was the hum. sometimes it would get louder the quiet down. then suddenly at about 6am all off the object flew in a formation and were gone in the blink of an eye. we all just stood around like, did that really happen? we stayed for about 10 minutes just talking about it. antonio went to try to start his mack which started right up with no trouble as did the chevy and my chrysler. the radios worked normally like nothing was wrong. our cell phones worked perfectly. i told antonio we’ve got to tell someone about this, and everyone said “nope, didn’t see anything “ and they left. i called my wife and then drove home.