UFO Sighting in Bridgewater Township, New Jersey on 2019-06-09 18:30:00 – Circular orb moving at constant velocity across the sky

While walking around my neighborhood on sunday june 9th, i looked up and saw a craft that was flying pretty high in the sky. it looked silver/grey from where i stood on the corner of ventura drive and vanderveer road. i took out my iphone xr and thought that i was recording, only to find out that i took a still picture instead. while i was examining the picture i looked up again and saw a second object heading in the same direction, this time with the phone already in hand started to record. the video showed an object moving across the sky at incredible speed. what was noticeable was that neither objects emitted any contrails, however at the end of the video a jet came into view and seemed to be travelling towards the object, you can clearly see the contrails from the jet. i lost the object somewhere in the clouds and stopped recording. when viewing the video, at around 21 seconds, you can see the orb emerge from the cloud at the mid bottom of the screen travelling diagonally upwards to the right. general observation, by increasing the zoom makes the object in the video more observable.