Black Triangle Sighting in Milan, Illinois on 2007-03-27 06:00:00 – 2007 one day before silvis, il sighting..

March, 2007: i was on il route 92 heading toward milan, il, which goes se. at intersection of rt 92 and andalusia rd i saw a black trianular object hovering above. i could not say the distant, but it was abouve wires of some sort (which were put there by electreicians or other us company. the object was a little bit to my right. upon seeing this i thought it to have3 something with air force testing. i turned left onto andalusia road, then left again on 67 to just kids daycare. when we got out of the car a black triangular object was hovering above a pole and it appeared to be very close. again, i assumed it to be airforce testing. (i had seen a couple in california near military bases.)
i did not have a camera with me. i took my granddaughter into the day care and left for work i did not look up but it was still there before i left. no idea what it was for sure. however, a day or two after this, a woman in silvis, il, thersa sinclare, of silvis, il saw the same thing according to news articles.