UFO TV News Report: ABC Primetime Reports On UFOs In the Soviet Union


(ABC News, New York City, New York)

Source: Chris Chilli (YouTube channel)

ABC presents interviews with several Soviet military officials, including retired Soviet Air Force Colonel Boris Sokolov.

On 4 October 1982, a huge UFO hovered over the ballistic missile base near Byelokoroviche, Ukraine. It looked like a flying saucer, according to a Lieutenant Colonel. While the UFO hovered over the ICBMs – the missiles were preparing for launching, according to Sokolov. For 15 seconds – the Soviet military had no control over the ICBM’s, ABC reports.

On 23 February 1988, a UFO was registered on radar near the Kapustin Yar air base (located in Astrakhan Oblast) – and the entire Soviet anti-ballistic radar grid did go on alert. Jet fighters were sent aloft – and several times, fighter pilots were ordered to fire on the unknown object. Each time a pilot was ready to fire – the target had disappeared. Finally, the UFO went away.

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